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computer mediated art for public space
Toy Satellite, established in 1995, is a multidisciplinary producer of original and collaborative works for screen media, installation and performance spaces.

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NOTHINGKNOWN - Forest cultures in decline from andrew garton on Vimeo.

This site is an archive of Toy Satellite's contribution to Australian New Media - a decade of innovation and experimentation from its founding in 1995 to the closure of its studio facilities in 2005.

Toy Satellite was founded by Andrew Garton and Justina Curtis. It produced a vast catalogue of installations, performance works, interactive media, landmark streaming projects, commissioned websites and publications, lectures - contributing to local and international festivals, conferences and symposiums.

Toy Satellite's crew are well respected professionals in their field, from art direction, information design and project management, online media advisory and music production, self-sustainable gardening, home brew beers and permaculture.

Andrew Garton continues to work in new media, composition, sound, video and performance as either independent, commissioned or as Toy Satellite, keeping the spirit of its core work in orbit and nomadic.

Justina Curtis is a web accessibility analyst who tends an edible garden.

Former Toy Satellite Art Director, Andrew Thomas, is a much sought after designer, freelancing as Mr Mo Design, from his base in New York.

Grant McHerron spends his days with hot air balloons and produces the popular podcast, Plane Crazy Down Under.

Thank you to everyone who had ever supported, trusted, encouraged and inspired us through a remarkable, exciting, if but exhausting, decade.

Very special thank you and respect to Jary Nemo, Kim Bounds, Andrew Sargeant, Bruce Morrison, John Power, Adam Burns, David Nerlich, Troy Innocent, David Cox, Dale Nason, Paul Wilson, Pang Wee, Ian Peter, David Anthony, Ashley Crawford, Craig Bellamy, John Bird, Shiralee Saul and Amelia King, Sam de Silva, Jeremy Yuille, Jimi Chen and Monbaza, Moonsun Choi and Art Centre Nabi, Jinbonet and MediaAct, the crew at Crumpler and Yeltza, Tim Cole and KoanPro, Stelarc, Werner Hammerstingl, Lisa Gye and Darren Tofts, Heidi Grundmann and Robert Adrian X, Elisabeth Zimmerman and KunstRadio, John Smithies, Kim Montgomery, Bill Coppinger, Wayne Wescott, Brian Walsh, David Aitkinson and the crew at the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media (RMIT University), the Association for Progressive Communications, EngageMedia and the Australian Creative Commons Clinic without whom very little I had sought to realise would not have been at all possible.

P.O. Box 1681
Collingwood 3066
Victoria, Australia

T/F. +61 (0) 409 948 280
E. ag at toysatellite dot org
Toy Satellite gratefully aknowledges the support of intermorphic and Crumpler.
Andrew Garton trading as Toy Satellite
ABN 56 625 836 478
Painting by Elena Garton
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