With a will, with a way
Here comes another day
On bended knees
No grass, no trees
Its no fun anymore
They bang on the door, bang on the door
We wont let you in till we finish our war

The war went on for twenty years
It broke our backs it fed our fears
Till all the fenced have been moved
a little or a lot
Ask why, not what
What for what for what for what for
I dont need this anymore

And here they come
Standing on stilts
They make the flowers in my hair wilt

With a Will
There's more to this than meets the eye
It's you it's them it's them it's them it's them
That make things bad
That make us mad

It's not a question of who got here first
It's how many we can hold before the bubble bursts
Oh what to do what to do what to do
With a world like you

So we cry
Cry at the sky
Cry at the sky
And try, try, try not to die.

© 95, 96 David Nerlich