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Mt Dandenong router hub online

Located at a private residence on Mount Dandenong and coordinated by Melbourne Wireless Vice President, Darren Dreis, Node GHO is intended for general leaf node access for those within approx 10-15km, and possibly for mobile nodes. Project details, Melbourne Wireless...
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Interview - mo:life

Andrew Garton interviewed by mo:life....
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Wi-Fi Liability

Potential Legal Risks in Accessing and Operating Wireless Internet. Robert V. Hale II, Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal, Vol. 21, p. 543....
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Licenses FAQ

Prepared and maintained by Melbourne Wireless: Licenses FAQ...
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The consent and report of the relevant council must be obtained to an application for a building permit to construct a mast, pole, aerial, antenna, chimney, flue, pipe or other service pipe which: (a) when attached to a building, exceeds...
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